About the Journal

ISSN 2708-3098

The conception of the journal Astraea is based on modern requirements, such as  establishing interdisciplinary links in education and science  among scholars of different specialties and nationalities: philologists, educators, psychologists, philosophers, sociologists. These links are to become the accomplishments of the world discourse.

Blistering development of interdisciplinary connections  facilitates the lives of the 21-st century scholars.  The name for the journal refers to the subconscious. Eternal ancient  archetypes are  still  powerful in people’s consciousness. The ancient Greek goddess Astraea, the  astral daughter of Zeus and Themis, ruled in the happy time of the Golden Age, which is known as the happiest period in human history. We suggest  creating a modern golden age and a happy time in education and science on the pages of our journal,  making present-day scientific interpretations the golden lines of the 21-st century.

The journal is published in English, which is explained by inter-ethnic dialogue. However, in our opinion, it is very important to use other languages of different nationalities. For this purpose, we suggest that the authors of the articles in the English version optionally add versions in the national languages (Ukrainian, Chinese, French, Spanish, German), because all languages have the right to exist.

Apart from  scientific articles the journal also  offers the section "Modern Fiction".  Works by contemporary Ukrainian writers are published here: Serhiy  Zhadan, Yaroslav Skidan, Yuliya Safonova, Tatyana Varenko, Lelya Arey and others…